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VW Scandal Update

Not too long ago we posted a few comments on the biggest scandal to hit the automotive industry for many years, and many of you were as interested as we were to see how the VW scandal unfolded and affect motorist across Manchester and the UK. Driving around Manchester providing auto locksmith services to VW, Audi and Skoda owners gives us plenty of opportunity to get real life opinions and feedback on how vehicle owners have felt about the whole crisis, and it’s been a mixed reception all round. Since we last posted on the VW crisis there have been a number of developments some of them predicted, others from way out left field. One thing we can be sure though is that vehicle owners of Manchester haven’t heard the last of this story, and wont for quite some time!


The latest turn in the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal comes after US authorities made accusations of Porsche (a subsidy of the VW auto motive group) installing the same defeat devices that were fitted to the diesel engines in the VW. Although we don’t work on that many Porsche vehicles as auto locksmiths in Manchester we do still see a fair few, and if you are driving one of the high powered diesel 4x4’s you could be looking at a major hit in your resale value! What makes this story even more interesting is that VW have appointed Matthias Muller as its new CEO, a man who had previously been running Porsche!

That’s right Manchester, if the accusations are to be believed the man who was placed at top of one of the world’s largest auto groups might have known about the whole scandal all along. The Porsche vehicle’s in questions include the 2015 Porsche Cayenne, and in the US alone that accounts for 10,000 vehicles! Although we don’t have the figures to hand of how many Cayenne owners there are in Manchester, being one of the region’s leading auto locksmiths we undoubtedly will get to speak to owners about the latest turn of events very soon.

VW have now admitted to fitting the defeat device to around 11 million vehicles worldwide, and has so far denied that any such devices have been fitted to the Cayenne or any other Porsche vehicle, but the news although yet unfounded, can’t make for great reading for the vehicle owners of Manchester. The news coming out of the US is that VW is facing a fine of up to $37,500 (around £25,000) per vehicle which means the auto group could be facing an added £243m onto the £11.6 billion fine it is already facing! This is alongside the £4.4bn it has already set aside for recalling the 11m vehicles that have been affected, many of which our auto locksmiths have seen on the roads of Manchester.

If you own a Cayenne in Manchester as auto locksmiths we would love to hear your reaction to the latest turn of events, and like everyone else in Manchester who has a finger on the auto industry pulse, we are intrigued to find out what will be the next turn of events in a story that is likely to just run and run!