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Volkswagen Crisis what does it mean for you?

With the news today that 1.2 million cars in the UK are affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal we’ve been speaking to VW owners over the last week gaging the nations pulse and helping our customers where ever we can. Although the whole thing is a little bemusing to say the least as auto locksmiths we get to meet allot of car owners on a daily basis, and get their opinions.

What many people don’t realise is that VW is also the manufacture of brands including Audi, Seat and Skoda and diesel powered vehicles made by these manufactures are also affected by this crisis. And the first question owners are asking is will they receive compensation?

Our Auto Locksmiths can only speculate as to what compensation VW owners might be entitled to but there has been talk that both drivers and dealerships might have the right to claim compensation if they were provided with false information that influenced their purchase. Also if their car has devalued because of this crisis there may be some monetary compensation.

Slater and Gordon a London based law firm as reported it’s been contacted by over 500 people who claim to have been misled by VW. As auto locksmiths we think the other major questions surrounds the road tax for these vehicles, so far the news appear that only nitrogen oxide emissions have been affected but should it transpire that CO2 emissions were also affected then we’re pretty certain the taxman will be after all that unpaid road tax, and who would be liable for that?

Another interesting question we’ve been asked is what does this mean for diesel vehicles as a whole. Although reliable and economical they are not always considered the most environmentally friendly. Diesel engines make up about half of all the vehicles our auto locksmiths are called out and we can only assume that the VW scandal will have a driving impact on the development of cleaner engines such as hybrids and eclectics. We are still waiting to see what the fallout will be on the diesel market as a whole but all we can say is things have never been more uncertain for the motor industry.

We are fairly certain that VW will be able to rebuild their reputation as one of the most trusted car manufactures in the marketplace. A few years ago our auto locksmiths can recall the scandal involving Toyota and the safety defects in their vehicles which lead to deaths of dozens of people, after a multimillion pound marketing camping and a cooperate reshuffle they were able to respond to the market place and regain their market share and we are confident VW will do the same.

If you’ve been affected by the VW scandal or think you might be our advice as auto locksmiths it to get in touch with your dealer for all the latest news and information on product recalls. And if you own a VW, Seat, Audi or Skoda and need a replacement key or have lost your keys call Astons Access Auto Locksmiths Manchester on 077966 207 224.