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Locksmith News - LA Motor Show

Well Manchester it’s nearly that time again, if you follow all things Auto you can’t help but be looking forward to the LA Motor Show! With just under two weeks to go till the big event we’ve put together a bit of preview to give our readers across Manchester something to get their teeth stuck into this week. On the 17th of November the doors will oven on the biggest auto event in the US and as auto locksmiths we get a sneak peek on the cars of tomorrow. Many of these vehicles we be owned by our customers over the next few years. So you can imagine how excited we are to be taking a look at some of the vehicles we will be replacing key’s, reprogramming fobs and gaining access to as one of the North Wests leading auto locksmiths over the next few years.

The big hitters this year are likely to be the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible, the soft top version of the brands entry level 4x4. All we can say so far is that we’ve seen the leaked photos and it looks stunning! As one of the most popular new cars to be launched across Manchester of the last few years’ we get to see plenty of these machines across the regions roads, and our auto locksmiths have been called out to a fair few of these vehicles of the last few years.

Another interesting car set to for a launch at this year’s LA Motor Show is the Fiat 124 Spider. For anyone familiar with the FIAT brand you will undoubtedly be family with the vehicle manufacturers massive FIAT 500, one of Manchester’s most popular vehicles and one that our auto locksmiths get called to almost every week! Well if you can imagine a soft top Fiat 500 that looks suspiciously like a Mazda MX-5, then you can go some way to imagining what the new Spider is going to look like. It’s a vehicle we are sure FIAT Manchester are eager to release and we have to agree with most reviews when we say it looks like a tasty sporty little number.

As you can tell we are really excited about what is one of the year’s automotive highlights, and we will be bringing the latest news from the LA Motor Show over the coming weeks so that you the vehicle owners of Manchester can keep your fingers on the pulse of all things auto coming out of the US. What challenges these vehicles will pose our auto locksmiths is yet to be seen, each year vehicles become more secure and safer than ever before, but whatever the future holds for vehicles if tomorrow we are here to provide vehicle owners across the North West the latest auto locksmith techniques and technology. If you are looking for auto locksmiths Manchester, then call Astons Access Auto Locksmiths on 07966 207 224.