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Lost keys

When customers have lost keys, it is very important that they have proof of ownership. 

Keys locked in the boot

Now this I have done myself. Keys locked in the boot. It is so easily done. Its a case of picking the lock. It only takes a few minutes to gain entry. 

Replacement Fob

I atteneded a call out  for a Replacent Fob for a Kia Picanto. The young girl had left her one and only Fob in a hotel in Europe! This made life very difficult for her as she had to pay to get the original Fob posted back and also for a Replacement Fob. That was an expensive weekend away...

Lost car keys

I attended a call out today for Lost car keys. They did not have a spare car key either. If only more people would have a spare cut when they have only one car key.  It would save you money in the long run. A replacement car key is more expensive than a spare car key.

Ford replacement key

Yet another call out for a Ford replacement key


Renault key cards

Having problems with your renault key card lately?
Is the display giving the message "card not detected" or an led flashing?
Is one or more of the buttons failing to work properly? 


Auto Locksmith Manchester

Ford owners out there....
Is your key becoming difficult  to unlock (the round type blade) or turn in the ignition?
Call an auto locksmith in Manchester, with the experience to sort this quickly.


Replacement Car Key

Aston's Access offer a fully mobile replacement car key service at best prices, on site at your home or work, outside office hours including weekends! 


Car keys stockport

Today we went on a job to help some one with their Car keys in stockport as they had locked them in the car. On my way to stockport another call came in from someone just down the road had done exactly the same thing. What are the chances of that happening???