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Locksmith News - LA Motor Show

Well Manchester it’s nearly that time again, if you follow all things Auto you can’t help but be looking forward to the LA Motor Show! With just under two weeks to go till the big event we’ve put together a bit of preview to give our readers across Manchester something to get their teeth stuck into this week. On the 17th of November the doors will oven on the biggest auto event in the US and as auto locksmiths we get a sneak peek on the cars of tomorrow. Many of these vehicles we be owned by our customers over the next few years. So you can imagine how excited we are to be taking a look at some of the vehicles we will be replacing key’s, reprogramming fobs and gaining access to as one of the North Wests leading auto locksmiths over the next few years.


VW Scandal Update

Not too long ago we posted a few comments on the biggest scandal to hit the automotive industry for many years, and many of you were as interested as we were to see how the VW scandal unfolded and affect motorist across Manchester and the UK. Driving around Manchester providing auto locksmith services to VW, Audi and Skoda owners gives us plenty of opportunity to get real life opinions and feedback on how vehicle owners have felt about the whole crisis, and it’s been a mixed reception all round. Since we last posted on the VW crisis there have been a number of developments some of them predicted, others from way out left field. One thing we can be sure though is that vehicle owners of Manchester haven’t heard the last of this story, and wont for quite some time!


Auto Locksmiths Manchester

Astons Access auto locksmiths Manchester have been helping the drivers of Manchester for many years now and in that time we often get asked, "What is life like as Manchester’s premier auto locksmiths?" Well as you can imagine, the day starts very early, sometimes the previous one hasn’t really ended before we are out on the road. In the small hours of the night we are helping the shift workers and early starters with lost keys, faulty keys and broken locks. As we provide a 24 hour service, we are here for you night and day, rain or shine!

Throughout the early morning we hopping from one part of Manchester to another, helping mums on schools runs and workers locked outside their vehicles. Our auto locksmiths Manchester experts are on call to repair broken locks damaged from the cold, or to replace a key that might have gone missing overnight. Using the latest technology we can gain access to your vehicle quickly, without damaging your lock or vehicle’s body work. Once we have gained access we can replace the key quickly and have you on your way to school or work in no time at all!


Volkswagen Crisis what does it mean for you?

With the news today that 1.2 million cars in the UK are affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal we’ve been speaking to VW owners over the last week gaging the nations pulse and helping our customers where ever we can. Although the whole thing is a little bemusing to say the least as auto locksmiths we get to meet allot of car owners on a daily basis, and get their opinions.


Lost car keys Manchester

Today we were called out to a Lost car keys Manchester situation. He had managed to lose his car keys whilst out in Manchester. We provided him with two keys, to avoid any future mishaps, with a big discount on his second key.


Dodge Ram Key Programming

Wow, what a pleasure this was to work on...
USA import, year 2009 Dodge Ram, key programming required.
Customer remote function ceased to work, so was having to gain entry with the emergency key.
Visited the customers place of work in Stockport the same day, 2 new smart keys programmed within 15 minutes.


BMW Broken Remote And Lock

Were called out to 3 series BMW car, that had a broken remote which had suddenly stopped working and only 1 door lock which was also broke (the key just turned round and round - due to damaged internals of the lock). The job was for a trader, the car was sold and the customer was due to collect that evening (yes we we work outside office hours!). The pressure was on...


Replacement car keys

If you've lost your car keys, firstly, don't panic, it's not a big problem. This is what we do, day in, day out, on a mobile basis and fast, friendly, professional service, with all work guaranteed.
Replacement car keys are only a phone call away.....


24hr Auto locksmith Stockport

We are 24hr Auto locksmiths who work in and around the Stockport and Manchester areas. We offer a wide range of car keys. We can also gain entry to your vehicle if you ever find yourself locked out of your car. So if you are in or around the Stockport or Manchester areas and you need car keys then give us a call on 07966 207224

Car Keys Manchester

Anyone who finds themselves needing replacement Car Keys and live in the Manchester or surrounding areas, give us a call on 07966 207224 for professional,friendly advice and an immediate, no obligation quote. 

Spare car key

We offer very competative prices for spare car keys in Stockport. So if you are in the Stockport area, get yourself a spare car key today!