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Auto Locksmiths Manchester

Astons Access auto locksmiths Manchester have been helping the drivers of Manchester for many years now and in that time we often get asked, "What is life like as Manchester’s premier auto locksmiths?" Well as you can imagine, the day starts very early, sometimes the previous one hasn’t really ended before we are out on the road. In the small hours of the night we are helping the shift workers and early starters with lost keys, faulty keys and broken locks. As we provide a 24 hour service, we are here for you night and day, rain or shine!

Throughout the early morning we hopping from one part of Manchester to another, helping mums on schools runs and workers locked outside their vehicles. Our auto locksmiths Manchester experts are on call to repair broken locks damaged from the cold, or to replace a key that might have gone missing overnight. Using the latest technology we can gain access to your vehicle quickly, without damaging your lock or vehicle’s body work. Once we have gained access we can replace the key quickly and have you on your way to school or work in no time at all!


Once the morning rush hour is over, we are back on the road and if we’re lucky we might even have time to grab a cup of tea! Throughout the day we often get calls to visit Manchester Airport where happy holiday makers have come home only to find they have left their key someone between here and Tenerife! Astons Access Auto Locksmiths Manchester can keep the holiday mood going by picking / decoding your locks within a matter of minutes, then programming a new car key or remote central locking key to the vehicle, whilst cancelling out the missing key during the process.

We can also re-configure your locks for extra piece of mind, rather than simply replacing them all as the dealers do, saving you considerable amounts. The last thing you need after a long flight is extra stress and our Auto Locksmiths Manchester engineers can have you home in no time at all.

After a quick spot of lunch between jobs we might be called over to Trafford Park where you would not believe how many keys for vans and HGV’s are dropped and damaged, lost or broken every day in Europe’s largest industrial estate! Our Auto Locksmiths Manchester carry almost every key and remote / central locking fob with them on our "fleet" of two vans, plus replacement locks and spare parts. The vans are literally Auto-locksmith-shops on wheels. We can access ANY vehicle and programme keys to almost any vehicle, including vans  and HGV’s. So if your driver is stuck without a key or you have van stuck on the lot call us night or day and we can repair those key problems or locks in no time at all.

Towards the afternoon we are back on the road around schools and workplaces as workers desperate to get back to their families find themselves stranded in car parks and parents by schools. Your car key is the one of the most important parts of your vehicle and you’re unlikely to carry your spare with you on the road. In no time at all Astons Access Auto Locksmiths Manchester will be at your workplace to replace and reprogram your keys ready for you to get home for tea.

Speaking of dinner we are on the road yet again potentially to support Greater Manchester Police, as stolen keys can be a real nightmare. Keep your keys away from your front door and open windows to prevent criminals stealing your keys without access to your property. Check your doors and windows as it’s all too easy for someone to try a street of doors till the find one unlocked and in seconds your pride and joy is speeding down the M60.

As night draws in we are on the home for some time our own families and to recharge our batteries,  but we can’t get too comfortable as you never know when we are going to be needed next!

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